Kelley Fox

Head Coach


  • CF Level 1
  • CF Level 2
  • CrossFit Pose Method
  • Certified Running Technique Specialist
  • CF Endurance (Twice, for fun)
  • CF Kids
  • CF Gymnastics
  • Takano Weightlifting seminar

About Me:
I have been CrossFitting since 2009 and started coaching in 2012. In 2010 I completed my first triathlons, a Sprint and an Olympic distance. After signing up for a 70.3 for 2011, I figured there was only one thing left to do. So I signed the dotted line for a Full Ironman Triathlon in 2011 as well. Training with CFE for these races set me on a path to discover two new passions–Iron Distance Triathlons and CFE (CFE is no longer a “thing” but my belief in the system is still strong). I started the Endurance program at CFOT in 2012 and have had the immense pleasure of helping multiple athletes finish their races stronger than they believed they could. My goal is to continue helping people of all levels find the best version of themselves, through movement. What a rewarding “job” this is, helping people improve their fitness and making such a positive impact on their lives.

As a 3X Ironman Finisher(with more in the future), I understand what it takes to reach your goals. I have experienced the training necessary. I have also developed a great respect for the training process, as well as an understanding of the appropriate life/training balance. Whether you have already signed up for a race or if you are just beginning to look for one, I would love to help you reach your goal and develop your own love and respect for endurance racing and training.