Please be aware of the following guidelines and intentions for Open Gym at CrossFit Alepou.

Tuesday and Friday from 2-4pm only.

This will be free to monthly members, $20 for all other CrossFitters.
There are guidelines to follow for Open Gym at CrossFit Alepou, listed below and also available at the Box.
Please keep in mind that this does not take the place of classes for members, this is being added as a time to work on skills and accessory work. If you would like to use this time to make up a missed WOD, every once in a while, that is okay. Please do not consider this as an extra class time. There will always be a coach on premise and available for questions and some help if needed, but this is not a coached time. The coach may be doing their own WOD, may be doing some paperwork, or may be free and available.

One of CrossFit’s pillars is Constant Variation. Our programming at CrossFit Alepou reflects a carefully and intentionally-crafted system to improving athletes’ general physical fitness. However, we know that all athletes have unique goals and challenges that inspire them to put in extra time. Open Gym is intended to provide athletes an independent skill/cardio/lifting time block above and beyond their participation in CrossFit.  (NOT in the place of CrossFit). Because a coach is not directly managing athletes during open gym, certain forms of maximum intensity exercise are not permitted. This is a safety concern and will require some judgment on your part. Examples of “not allowed” exercises include some Hero WODs and Max effort (>85%) Olympic lifting movements. If you want to max out your double-unders, row a 2K, hop on the TFR or see how many situps you can do in 2 minutes, knock yourself out. There is a myriad of options at your disposal. Bottom line: check in with the coach on duty and let him or her know what your workout plan is for your Open Gym session. This policy is subject to interpretation by the coach on staff, and we reserve the coach’s right to squash any unsafe activity at any time. Our insurance company thanks you for your cooperation.

Please be considerate of all others using the gym during Open Gym and be sure to leave the gym cleaner than you found it.

If you are coming in to get your Endurance on Only–the Ergs, the Assault Bikes, and the TrueForm Runner are available anytime we are open, please contact us if you would like to come in outside of class times for this option.

Thank You